GuanLab achieved top performance in 2013 DREAM (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods) - breast cancer network inference challenge

Kraig Stevenson

Kraig Stevenson

Patricia Wittkopp


B.S., Statistics Michigan State University
M.S., Biostatistics University of Michigan

I am broadly interested in the evolution of genomic architecture, particularly the evolution of regulatory network structure and function. I am also interested in how regulatory network dynamics are different both within and between species throughout development, and also how interaction with the environment changes these dynamics. My current project is aimed at characterizing regulatory divergence both within and between closely related species of Drosophila. We are interested not only in these classifications (e.g. cis- and trans-regulatory divergence) but also possible relationships they may have with divergence times. This has the potential to reveal trends for eukaryotic regulatory network evolution. I am also very interested in developing methods to elucidate mechanisms of genome architecture evolution using next-generation sequencing technology, particularly the combination of mRNA- and ChIP-Seq data on both species-specific and developmental axes to make inferences on regulatory network architecture.