Top data scientists from around the country will gather in the Rackham Building on Oct. 6 for a symposium to launch the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), the centerpiece to the University’s recently announced $100 million investment in data science.

Bioinformatics Training Program

The goal of the Bioinformatics Training Program (BTP) is to prepare students in bioinformatics and applied computational biology by engaging them in cutting-edge collaborative research featuring a strong biological or biomedical application.

The Bioinformatics Training Program dissertation training often utilizes a “dual mentor” approach, which combines quantitative / computational and biological application elements. This interdisciplinary graduate training program in bioinformatics and computational biology draws faculty from the University of Michigan’s School of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Literature, Science & the Arts (LS&A), the School of Public Health, the College of Pharmacy, and the School of Information.

The University of Michigan hosts multiple relevant based NIH supported centers and programs. The National Center for Integrative and Biomedical Informatics program (NCIBI), and the Clinical and Translational Science Award Biomedical Informatics Program have achieved national recognition, and together with further activities in cancer informatics, proteome informatics, molecular and population genetics form a natural magnet for new trainees and faculty.

The University of Michigan Bioinformatic's Training Program adds a capstone of quality to the Bioinformatics Graduate Program’s mission to provide promising students in this highly interdisciplinary domain with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch successful and independent careers in basic and applied research in academia, industry, and government.