GuanLab achieved top performance in 2013 DREAM (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods) - breast cancer network inference challenge
DCM&B Chair, Brian D. Athey, Ph.D., elected as fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI)

Relevant Courses

Ph.D. students must take some of the required courses in pairs in order to satisfy the statistics requirement (e.g., STATS 425 & 426 or STATS 601 & 602). If a student takes only 1 of the 2 courses, that does not satisfy the program requirement; the student must take – and receive a passing grade in - both.

Introductory Bioinformatics

BIOINF-527 Introduction to Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Computing and Informatics

BIOINF-575 Prog Lab in Bioinf
BIOINF-580 Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis
BIOSTAT-615 Statistical Computing
EECS-402 Computer Programming For Scientists & Engineers
EECS-545 Machine Learning
EECS-587 Parallel Computing

Probability & Statistics  

BIOSTAT-553 Appl Biostatistics
BIOSTAT-601 Prob&Distrib Theory
STATS-412 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
STATS-425 Introduction to Probability
STATS-426 Introduction to Theoretical Statistics
STATS-500 Applied Stat I

Molecular Biology  

BIOINF-523* Bioinformatics Basic Biology Lab
BIOLCHEM-515 Intro Biochem
BIOLCHEM-516 Intro Biochem Lab
BIOLCHEM-550 Macromol Struc&Func
BIOPHYS-608 / MCDB-608/ PHYSICS-608 Biophysical Principles of Microscopy
CDB-530 Cell Biology
HUMGEN-541 Gene Structur&Regul
HUMGEN-542 Molec Basis HG Dis
MCDB-427 Molecular Biology
MCDB-428 Cell Biology
MICRBIOL-553 / PATH-553 Cancer Biology
NEUROSCI-602 Princ Neurosc II
PHYSIOL-502 Human Physiology
PHYSIOL-555 Integrative Genomics

Advanced Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

BIOINF-463 Mathematical Modeling in Biology
BIOINF-520/ PHYSIOL-520 Computational Systems Biology in Physiology
BIOINF-528 Advanced Applications of Bioinformatics
BIOINF-545 High-throughput Molecular Genomic and Epigenomic Data Analysis
BIOINF-547 Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics
BIOINF-551 Proteome Inf
BIOINF-563 Advanced Mathematical Methods for Biological Sciences
BIOINF-665/ BIOSTAT-665/ HUMGEN-665 Statist Popul Genet
BIOINF-800 / MATH-559 Computational and Mathematical Neuroscience
BIOSTAT-666 Num Meth Hum Gen
BIOSTAT-830 Advanced Topics in Biostatistics
CMPLXSYS-510 / MATH-550 Adaptive Dynamics: The mathematics of sustainability
CMPLXSYS-530 Computer Modeling
EECS-598 Data Science for Medicine
MATH-559 Computational Neuroscience
STAT-710 Special Topics in Theoretical Statistics I


BIOLCHEM-602/ BIOPHYS-602/ CHEM-602 Protein Crystallography: Principles of Macromolecular Crystallography
BIOPHYS-521 Biophysical Chemistry II
BIOINF-555 Current Concepts & Case Studies in Heath Informatics
BIOINF-668 Introduction to Health Informatics
BIOPHYS-520/CHEM-520 Biophysical Chemistry I
BIOPHYS-602/CHEM-602 Protein Crystallography
BIOSTAT-602 Biostat Inference
BIOSTAT-619 Clinical Trials
BIOSTAT-640 Exploratory Data Analysis (Offered irregularly)
BIOSTAT-830 Special Topics in Analysis of Modern Genetic Data
BIOSTAT-866 Adv Topc Gen Model
CDB-581 Developmental Genetics
CDB-582 Organogenesis: Stem Cells to Regenerative Biology
CHEM-535 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules
CHEM-570 Molecular Phys Chem
CHEM-576 Stat Mechanics
CMPLXSYS-501 Intro Complex Syst
CMPLXSYS-511 Theory of Complex Systems
EECS-477 Introduction to Algorithms
EECS-484 Database Mgt Syst
EECS-486 Object-Oriented Software Development
EECS-493 User Interface Development
EECS-543 Knowledge-Based Systems
EECS-584 Advanced Database Systems
EECS-586 Algorithms
EECS-684 Knowledge-Based Systems (Even Years)
EECS-595 / LING-541/ SI-561/761 Natural Language Processing
MATH-417 Matrix Algebra I
MATH-571 Num Meth Sci Comp I
MATH-526 / STATS-526 Disc Stoc Proc
MATH-547 / SI-547 / STATS-547 Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics
MATH-571 Num Meth Sci Comp I
MCDB-411 Protein Structure and Function
MCDB-471 Advanced Methods in Biochemistry
PATH-581 Tissue, Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease
PHCHEM-758 Methods of Computational Chemistry
PHYS-510 Statistical Mechanics
SI-664 Special Topics: Database Application Design
SI-658 Info Architecture
SI-666 Org of Inf Resources
STATS-503 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STATS-606 Statistical Computing

Seminars / Discussions

BIOINF-601 Bioinformatics Seminar discussion
BIOINF-602 Journal Club

Related Bioinformatics Courses

BIOINF-501 Introduction to Mathematics for the Life Sciences & Informatics
BIOINF-525 Foundations in Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

*BIOINF 523 prepares students with no biology background to take graduate level classes in biology. It alone is not sufficient to fulfill the Bioinformatics program requirements in molecular biology.